Potsdamer Tanztage 2021


26 May – 31 Dec 2021

Dance finds new spaces, formats and ways of mediation. It overcomes obstacles and hurdles or even a state of emergency through movement, development, experimentation but also perseverance and persistence. Much of this will accompany us in the future and make the encounter with dance more multi-layered.

Now the festival will be held over several months this year, with the start in May and the last performances in December 2021. The anniversary edition as usual in change.

The first programme items have already been confirmed for May to July.

An international programme is planned with works by Eun-Me Ahn (Seoul), Martine Pisani (Paris), Adi Boutrous (Tel Aviv-Jaffa), May Zarhy (Frankfurt/Tel Aviv), Marco Da Silva Feirrera (Ghent), Jan Martens (Antwerp) and Maren Strack (Birkenwerder), among others, with offers for families, children and adults, as well as workshops and dance interventions in public spaces.

"Keep dancing" was the pandemic-defying call of the Tanztage 2020 to continue trusting the physical and familiarising oneself with the art form. Under the heading "Dear Dance", the fabrik Potsdam is placing the relationship of artists and spectators to dance at the centre of its research in its anniversary year and is designing a year-round campaign that will also shape the Tanztage programme. Because without question, dancing will continue, whether in the living room, on the lawn or hopefully soon on stage.




All formats of the series