Events & rehearsals


fabrik Potsdam is located in the middle of an unusual site, the cultural location Schiffbauergasse, right on the river Havel. The former factory buildings have been developed into cultural institutions since 1990 and have retained a special flair.

fabrik Potsdam has various rooms that can be rented for private events, depending on the available capacity: from a small room for a lecture to a location for a big event. The dance studios can be used for workshops, classes, and rehearsals.

In addition, other services can be offered:



fabrik Cafe | © Clemens Porikys

Suitable for family events, conferences, banquets
Size: 150 sqm - up to 120 people
Equipment: bar and toilets
Contact: Kerstin Gerlinger, Tel. +49 (0)331 2800314 / E-mail: gastro@fabrikpotsdam.de



fabrik Halle | © Clemens Porikys

With or without audience gallery
Suitable for big events, conferences, banquets
Size: 375 sqm (divisible) - up to 300 people
Equipment: bar and toilets
Contact: Christian Wolf, Tel. +49 (0)331 2800314 / E-mail: christian.wolf@fabrikpotsdam.de




Studiohaus | © Clemens Porikys

fabrik Potsdam has dance studios that can be rented. The studios can be used for a limited time for rehearsals, subject to availability. Each studio is equipped with a music system.

STUDIO 2 to 4
100 - 120 sqm, wood floor
Contact: Franziska Merker, Tel. +49 (0)331 2800314 / E-mail: franziska.merker@fabrikpotsdam.de