Tango Café

Once a month tanguito invites you to the Milonga to improve your knowledge in the café of fabrik. The Tango Café offers Tango Argentino from classical to modern in a relaxed atmosphere. During the Tango Café, there is the possibility of a Practica: The dancers get tips and suggestions and there is a teacher for questions. Who is completely new and curious, can try out here the first Tango steps. 

Steven and Antje and the teachers of tanguito teach modern Tango. The aim is not to learn the strict consequences of dance steps, but to get the special feeling and thus find your way to tango. The basis of the Tango is the desire for musical dancing, walking, standing and turning in one's own axis and the attentiveness for the dance partner.

In the fabrik Café, there is also a small snack in addition to the drinks.

Before the Tango Café, there is usually a tango workshop in the Studiohaus (15:30-17:30) with different topics every month. To the workshop programme.