Fabrik Company

The fabrik Company is the dance company of the fabrik Potsdam, Theatre for Contemporary Dance, and is directed by Sabine Chwalisz, Sven Till and Wolfgang Hoffmann. Based on intensive exchange with other artists and forms of movement, the fabrik Company seeks a wide variety of expressive possibilities in movement. It sees itself as an open structure of exchange and movement research. Dance productions are created under its own direction or in collaboration with other dancers and choreographers (including Jess Curtis USA, Marie Josée Chartier CDN, Jos Houben B, Andrew Dawson UK). Since its foundation in 1990, more than 20 full-length productions have been created and performed all over the world. The fabrik Company's productions have been shown in Australia (Sydney Opera House), the UK, the Netherlands, France, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, USA, Brazil and Germany. The fabrik Company's productions, Fallen and Pandora have won numerous international awards.

Awards for the fabrik Potsdam / fabrik Company

Fringe First Awards:
1999 for Hopeless Games
2002 for Fallen
2003 for Pandora

Jack Tinker - Spirit of the Fringe Award 2001 for Wolfgang Hoffmann

Herald Angel Awards:
2001, 2002 and 2003 for Aurora nova
2003 for Pandora


1992: PETRIFIED SKIN | fabrik Company

1993: FULCRUM - EIN SCHWINGSPIEL  | fabrik Company


1995: FOREIGN MATTERS | Daniel Lepkoff & fabrik Company

             TELLING TIMES IMPRO | fabrik Company

1996: BRUDERWALD | fabrik Company 

1998: VIER ROTE ETAPPEN | fabrik Company

             ESPAI I ESPAIS | Ana Eulate & Sabine Chwalitsz 

1999: HOPELESS GAMES | Do Theater & fabrik Company 

2000: KRONOPHOBIA | Do Theater & fabrik Company 

2001: FALLEN | Jess Curtis & fabrik Company

2003: PANDORA | fabrik Company

2004: SCREAMING POPES | Chartier Danse & fabrik Company

2005: DO YOU WANT TO DIE WITH ME | Andrew Dawson & fabrik Company

2006: TAXI FOR THE MAXI | Dudendance & fabrik Company

2008: QUATRE MAINS | Neufassung mit Andrew Dawson & fabrik Company

2012: CLOSER TO DISTANCE | fabrik Potsdam

2019: DIE LADY SCHRITT ZUM SCHLOSS HERAN | Dudendance & fabrik Potsdam