Dance Dance Dance - ensemble improv for everyone

Workshop TANZINTENSIVE | with Meagan O´Shea (Can/ D)  

18 – 20 Oct 2021 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2021Dance and movement

This workshop introduces a system of understanding, a shared movement language, a vocabulary for improvisation.

Activating the solo body and engaging the ensemble, we’ll play games to train the creative body, working with choreographic and social principles. Through solo, duet, trio and ensemble exercises we’ll dance together, collaboratively creating in the moment.

Working with transferable ideas, the strategies applied to dancing in a group work in society.

Based on Listen & Lead: improv strategies for a better world, and Hitch, Torque & Twist, ensemble improv for everyone, this workshop is for everyone with a body who wants to listen and play.


Meagan O’Shea teaches ensemble improv for composition and performance internationally and has led an ensemble improv performance project “dance like no one is watching” in animating, occupying and disrupting public space in cities across Canada since 2007. Her practice is influenced by her work with Nina Martin and Ensemble Thinking for Performing Improv, Keith Hennessy’s Art as Activism and Ruth Zapporah’s Action Theater™.


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Participation only with presentation of a vaccination, test or convalescence certificate. Please note that masks are compulsory in the corridors and in the lock rooms.