Dance-Body Workshop

with Odile Seitz, Alessandra Lola Agostini  

19 Feb 2022Dance and movement

The training begins with 1 hour of Body-Mind Centering with Odile:
Through explorations of specific issues based on the body and its anatomy, the body can be experienced as a resource for dance and for everyday life. This introduction to the awareness of one's own strength, inner balance, and the elasticity of the body's tissues is an optimal preparation for the following exercises with Lola.

10 minutes break

What follows is 1 hour of contemporary dance training with Lola:
The above topics will then find your practical application in dance training. Here the focus is on dynamics, workout, strength, flexibility and music. The training consists of given dance sequences with some improvisational parts.


Price info

20 €

Participation only possible with presentation of a vaccination or convalescence certificate. Please note that masks are mandatory in the aisles and in the locker room.