Giulia Del Balzi

Giulia Del Balzi
Giulia Del Balzi

I teach... Modern and Contemporary Dance for children and adults and the JugendTanzCompany.

I dance because... it is my passion. Since I remember, I have always danced!

I like... how I feel when I dance. I can express myself freely. Sometimes it is the only way to express my feelings.

I pay special attention to the fact that... I am not satisfied with what I already know. I always try to improve myself, to search for new stimuli and to learn new things.

The song... "Queen of Peace" by Florence and the Machine always gets me moving.

As a teacher, I was particularly influenced... by everyone I met on my journey. They taught me the technique, discipline, love, and devotion you need. Everyone with their own way has contributed to my training and life.

Especially influenced me... among all the styles, the contemporary dance.

The best place for me to dance is... the theatre. It is beautiful everywhere. In nature, at home or dance school, outside or inside, with people or alone. Every place is different, but the theatre is something special.

A key moment in dancing was for me... when I passed the exam in the professional dance school. The first real obstacle. I realized that it wasn't an easy hobby anymore, the road would be hard, but the dream of being able to do something with dance began to become real.

I want to pass on to my students... the joy and fun of dancing. I like to see them happy when they learn new movements and reach new goals. I also want to give them devotion and patience to finish what they are doing, even if it is not easy. Dance taught me discipline and respect, important values also in daily life.

Every year, I look forward to... setting new goals together with course participants and trying to reach them together, enjoying every new step forward!


Giulia Del Balzi has been working for several years as a dance teacher at fabrik Potsdam, directs the JugendTanzCompany and works as a dance facilitator for the project explore dance - dance for young audience. She completed her training as a dancer in Italy. She danced for the Junior Balletto di Toscana and Anhaltisches Theater Dessau before becoming a freelance dance teacher and choreographer in Berlin.


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