Body Mind Centering® - vagus nerve and breathing

Workshop | with Odile Seitz (D/F)  

22 Jan 2022Bodyword and fitness

The Body Mind Centering® (BMC) method deals with the dynamic connections between body and mind. Voice and breathing are an outlet for emotions and form a deep connection with oneself. Through movement, dance, vocal exercises and imagination, one's own volume and inner support are explored and physical and psychological qualities are pursued. Odile Seitz is a dancer, alternative practitioner and teacher for BMC.

Topic on 08 Jan 2022: Breathing, heart rhythm variations / heart rate variability and vagus nerve
The so-called vagal tone indicates the activity of the vagus nerve. The stronger it is, the better our body is able to bring itself back into a resting mode after phases of exertion and stress. If the vagus is strong, i.e. it has a high tone, then breathing, heart rate, digestion and blood pressure work optimally. In connection with this, the heart works flexibly and its rhythm refers to the ability to adapt to different situations.
Breathing has a direct influence on heart variability, which in turn influences health, adaptability, immune system and digestion.
Through movement and awareness of one's own body, breathing and its connection to the vagus nerve is explored. How does breathing enable us to strengthen the main nerve of basic physiological processes? How does it support emotional balance, self-regulation processes, positive relationships with others and increase levels of dopamine and serotonin, the so-called happiness hormones? In order to start the new year well and to influence it positively, simple breathing exercises will be practised, among other things, which can easily accompany and support everyday life.

This workshop is open to all who like to move freely. Previous experience is not necessary.


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