Dance together, Grow together (1,5 - 5 years) - The Poetry of Objects

Workshop series for pedagogues | with Odile Seitz  

26 Mar 2022Dance and movement

This workshop series is aimed at educators, teachers, pedagogues as well as therapists or people who work and live with children in other contexts.

In her work, Odile Seitz explores early childhood development and the bond between children and parents/guardians through movement and dance. With Body-Mind Centering®, a method that strengthens and refines awareness of the body and movement, various possibilities are offered that create a different, new understanding of the child's physical and emotional development. How can children who come to dance or to the day care centre with their different, personal stories and experiences experience a sense of security that enables them to feel free, noticed and valued? Through movement games and dance, new levels of work with children are opened up, the view of the child and one's own perspective are broadened and new impulses for the pedagogical work are conveyed.
In this workshop, exercises and approaches are taught which strengthen children aged 1.5 - 5 years in their personal expression and promote exchange with others. Through physical contact, playful offers and explorations as well as communication, children learn to modulate their possibilities of expression. What materials can evoke different physical states and qualities in body tone? Modulating personal expression opens a space of respect, listening and empathy and supports the ability to live together. At a time when social interaction is associated with anxiety, and when screens of all sizes strongly influence children's development, movement and dance offer a chance to experience the range of elemental experiences and strengthen well-being and inner balance.



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66 €/ red. 56 €


Participation only with presentation of a vaccination or convalescence certificate. Please note that masks are compulsory in the corridors and in the lock rooms.



Developed and supervised by Odile Seitz.