The Method: Backbending

Workshop | with Giulia Del Balzi  

25 – 26 Sep 2021Bodyword and fitness

Backbends are a very important part of asana practice, they strengthen the spine and back muscles, improve posture and general flexibility.
In this 2-day workshop, the understanding, technique and practice of the exercise will be enhanced through the application of a 3-step method: - observe; - initiate the movement from top to bottom; - perceive the heart.
Proper exercise technique and use of the breath can not only prevent injury and pain. It also has an invigorating, uplifting and sensitizing effect.

The workshop is suitable for all levels. Many variations are offered to ensure everyone feels comfortable.

Giulia completed a 30-hour training with renowned teacher Talia Sutra on "The Method: Backbending".

Please bring a yoga mat, blocks and a yoga belt.

The workshop takes place at Studiohaus. Limited places. Pre-registration and payment online required.


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