Gemeinsam Tanzen, Gemeinsam Wachsen (2 - 5 Jahre) - ONLINE

Workshop series for pedagogues | with Odile Seitz  

13 Mar 2021Dance and movement

This workshop series is aimed at educators, teachers, pedagogues and therapists or people who work and live with children in other contexts.

In her work, Odile Seitz explores early childhood development and the bond between children and parents/guides through movement and dance. With Body-Mind Centering®, a method that strengthens and refines the awareness of body and movement, different possibilities are offered that create a different, new understanding of the physical and emotional development of the child. Through movement games and dance, new levels of work with children are opened up, the view of the child and one's own perspective is broadened and new impulses for educational work are conveyed.

Reflexes as simple movement patterns and the basis of elementary movement sequences are the focus of the workshop. Dancing interactions in twos and in the group illustrate how a balanced dialogue between flexion and extension is a prerequisite for a variety of movements, for head straightening and for body awareness. As the basis of all movement patterns, the neuromuscular reflexes ensure survival: combined with gravity, they are the basis for the body's balance and extending movements into space. By consciously experiencing these reflexes, the child's development as well as the pedagogical communication can be viewed and experienced anew from other perspectives.
The workshop contains practising the content conveyed as well as a pause.

The Workshop takes place online via Zoom. You can register here.



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Developed and supervised by Odile Seitz.