Bodies on earth

Sold out | with Odile Seitz (F/D)  

Sold out | 12 – 13 Sep 2020 | Kunst und Klima 2020Dance and movement

This workshop is sold out!

In his book A Sand Country Amanac, Aldo Leopold wrote: "Land is therefore not just soil; it is a source of energy that flows through a cycle of soil, plants and animals."

How can humans fit into the living cycle of the Earth? From the perception and exploration of one's own body, small and large common denominators between nature and body can be explored. Through the body we experience ourselves and the environment. With this insight Odile Seitz invites us to understand and experience the connection between bones and earth, breathing and air, muscles and animals, digestion and plants, water and body fluids in a different way through movement, visualization, anatomical information. The aim is to expand our ability to act with the sensory perception of our surroundings and to become active inhabitants of the world.

No pre-knowledge necessary.


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