Yoga Intensive

Intuition, creativity and vitality | with Alin Schick  

15 Aug 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020Bodyword and fitness

The element water is the main focus of this workshop. Water stands for creativity, intuition and feeling. We dive into our inner liveliness, which has its seat in our deep basin. Through flowing, organic and smooth interlocking sequences, carried by the rhythm of the conscious breath, we glide from the head and thoughts into the body, into feeling and feeling. What we experience here knows no rigid structures or fixed forms, but is characterized by suppleness, transformation and liveliness. We learn to let go, to listen to our inner being and develop awareness and intuition. We receive inner information and hints, which we call Body Wisdom, and find our way back to our inner source of creativity and liveliness.

A combination of asana, breath, mantra, mudra and meditation.

This workshop is full. 


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30 € / Support 40 €
A discount of 20% on the final amount of the workshop fees is granted from the booking of 3 workshops.