Vinyasa Flow Yoga

with Giulia Del Balzi  

07 Dec 2019Bodyword and fitness

Vinyasa means “to place in a special way”, it is a flowing and dynamic style of Yoga. The emphasis is on linking movement with breath and connecting the poses in a flowing sequence, bringing consciousness to each movement in each moment.
„From my personal experience as a professional dancer I like to explore and find new ways of moving. My aim in this practice is to bring attention to the transitions that connect the asanas (postures). Find more space and length in our bodies, exploring new ways of moving and discover one’s own unique ability to “flow”. Like a dance, moving with grace, harmony and fluidity.“
Vinyasa can be considered a moving meditation, finding balance and stillness in the body and mind even while moving.
We will explore pranayama (breath work) and meditation; building up a safe practice, working on strength and flexibility, finding ease in more challenging positions and finally surrender.


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Price: 40 €, erm. 33 €