9/8 fight 41 (2022) / 3 x 13 (2021)

Gizem Aksu / Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre – Samar Haddad King & Eimi Imanishi  

31 May 2023 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2023Film

9/8 fight 41 – a 9/8 fight for all of us tells the story of Johann Wilhelm „Rukeli“ Trollmann. The German Sinto-Roma boxing legend was subjected to many forms of discrimination by the Nazi regime because he boxed “by dancing like a Gypsy". Inspired by his journey, four people from Istanbul share their struggle for justice through dance.

In short self-filmed dance scenes, dancers from Palestine, Mali, Cuba, Syria and Mexico report on the profound personal changes associated with their journey, based on their memories. The short films create a global choreographed patchwork for the viewer, a multi-perspective documentation of certain themes from the real everyday life of an underprivileged majority society in the southern world - migration, war, the search for a home, violence against women, everyday racism, exile, losses and utopias - abandoned and realised.

In presence of the choreographer and director Gizem Aksu for an after movie discussion. 

Dancing in the Same Ring
with Gizem Aksu
Sat 03. + Sun 04. June 2023 | 14:00-16:00


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9/8 fight 41
Duration: 30 minutes

3 x 13
Duration: 15 minutes