01 – 02 Jul 2023Dance / performance

The ZwischenSpiel format offers amateur dancers who are intensively involved in contemporary dance the opportunity to bring their work to the stage on a joint evening. In this year's first edition, four special dance pieces are presented that were created in the last six months as part of the fabrik courses and beyond.

Contemporary Fusion (Direction: Nina Ihlenfeld)

In Take a Break, space is given to the small and the big, the quiet and the moving breaks - the often overlooked "in-between spaces of life" are given a dance form here. A jointly developed homage to the break and a recommendation to stretch out all fours again and simply chill out.

Performance group PONK

PONK is a project that aims to create space for joint improvisations and creative exchange. With their piece BLOOVE, they go into a rapturous exploration of the glue that holds people together and the love of dance, showing us their very own groove. It doesn't work without movement. Not everything is always serious. Love is.

Leonie Phillip and Miglė Vyturytė

Entitled home body, the duet explores the contradictory relationship between oneself and one's own body. The choreography represents an attempt to enter into an honest dialogue with fears, desires and perceptions and to understand the body as a kind of home, a home.

JugendTanzCompany (Director: Giulia Del Balzi)                                                     (DON’T) LOOK! Arbeitstitel

The eleven young dancers stage a work-in-progress on the sensitive topic of shame, which is viewed from different perspectives - from hiding one's own personality to trying to fulfil the expectations of others in a world that constantly expects everyone to be more and more.


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7 € / up to 19 y. 3 €
Pre-sale starts on June 1rst, 2023