Suitable for those who like it powerful.

Hatha morning yoga

with Alin Schick / Julia Göhre  

THU 10:00 - 11:30 | Bodyword and fitness

Hatha Yoga in the morning: We start the morning dynamic and powerful. Stand positions, backbends, and twists stimulate the circulation and provide it with more oxygen. The exercises are invigorating and cleansing, to start the day with energy and joy. Suitable for those who like it powerful.

"I am interested in human beings in their existence and individuality, and in my classes, I wish to learn, to accompany and to assist with people, to make their way into joy and abundance. Yoga has shown me to develop strength and courage, to open myself to my goals and desires because these are the strengths that we often shy away from. Yoga has taught me dedication and trust because it is the inner doubts that stiffen and distrust us. Yoga means connection. Connection to the here and now. At this moment. In all strength. Calmly. In all love. Ishvara Pranidhana."

From March 26, Julia Göhre will be substituting for Alin, who is on parental leave.

This course can be supported by your health insurance.


Price info

10 course card: 149 €
Tryout session: 7 €
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