Yoga means connection. Connection to the here and now. At this moment. In all strength. Calmly. In all love. -Ishvara Pranidhana

Yoga Evening Basis

with Alin Schick / Julia Göhre  

TUE 17:00 - 18:30 | Bodyword and fitness

In this class the participants learn the basic positions of Hatha-Yoga. Suitable for beginners and returnees who want to build strength and flexibility. It is learned to connect breathing and movement and to develop awareness of the body center. This results in self-confidence and strength.

Classes begin with centering and tuning into practice. Self-perception through the breath is in the foreground. This is followed by a warm-up phase, which allows the large muscle groups to bleed through, opening the shoulder and pelvic joints and allowing optimal energy flow. The sequence of postures corresponds to a logical structure that strengthens, dilates and opens our body and deepens the breath to achieve physical and mental well-being. The following positions are taught: Standing positions, arm arches, hip openers, reversing positions, back bends, twists and prevention. Depending on the focus, the positions are selected and systematically worked on the depth effect of the asanas. It is learned to develop power and center through the body in order to access our own resources and use them for us. Savasana, the deep relaxation after the Asana practice, contributes to this. Here, the learned is integrated and made available to the body in the form of life energy again.

From February 27, Julia Göhre will be substituting for Alin, who is taking parental leave.

This course can be supported by your health insurance.


Price info

10 classes ticket: 149 € / trial: 7 €
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