Basics: Tango-Lego / Tango according to the building block principle

Arrabalito | with Ilka Puschmann & Sebastian Recke (Berlin)  

11 Mar 2023Dance and movement

Tango Argentino is an improvised dance: every step is communicated and agreed upon within the couple. But there are also structures and typical step sequences that often recur. Knowing the structures and being able to use them as a framework allows more freedom in improvisation. In the basic workshop Ilka and Sebastian will show some simple, typical structures and their possible combinations.

For dancers with some previous experience.

Ilka Puschmann is probably one of the most experienced tango dancers in the internationally recognized Berlin tango community today. She is passionately dedicated to Tango Argentino both as a dancer and as a teacher and has been for more than 20 years. Ilka is known to many through her popular tango classes at Tanzschule Nou and Haus der Sinne. Ilka is also a qualified yoga teacher, and her students appreciate both her knowledge of bodywork and her figurative language.

Sebastian Recke has been dedicated to Tango Argentino since 1998 and has been influenced by the Argentinean Tango Grandmasters Sebastian Archaval, Sebastian Arce and El Flaco Dany. He is known as a dancer, teacher and DJ beyond the borders of Berlin. Sebastian manages to convey a quick way of learning even for complex subjects. 

Ilka and Sebastian have been dancing and working together continuously as a dance couple for five years, focusing mainly on fundamental topics such as musicality, connection in a couple and the art of moving together in harmony. They incorporate all of these qualities into their dancing and teaching.

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