Offene Wave - 5 Rhythms

with Marika Heinemann  

14 Oct 2022Dance and movement

Even if it is an open wave: Please register so that we can better estimate the number of participants!

The 5 rhythms are a great way to reach yourself and experience your inner beauty and strength. By exploring the rhythms a wave of energy is created and a dynamic force that is alive in everyone. is set free. With the "spirit of a beginner" one experiences ones own movements and encounters with others. The "beginner spirit" is free of ideas and expectations about the body and its need to breathe and move. Thus the dance can become authentic and unique. Work is done alone, in couples and in groups: dancing, practicing, breathing, playing, exchanging.

Marika Heinemann is an experienced 5 rhythms teacher. In addition to her proposes for open groups and workshops, she also offers workshops for specific target groups such as seniors, women and children at various locations in Germany. She is also a trained instructor for curative dance. "Movement is healing" is Marika Heinemann's credo.


Price info

18 €, red. 15 €