Collegiate Shag Workshop

with von Anja & Matthias Honnacker  

11 Jun 2022Dance and movement

Who doesn't know the jungle book and the crazy dance of Baloo the Bear and King Louie? They danced Shag.
Collegiate Shag is a fast, sometimes crazy, funny and easy to learn partner dance from the group of swing dances and thus there are strong links to Lindy Hop and Balboa. Collegiate Shag has been experiencing a worldwide revival for several years. It originated in the 1930s at the colleges of the American East Coast. Characteristic is the usually tight couple dance posture, the hands raised high and the largely still upper body, while the legs perform fast, sometimes sweeping movements. There are, swingtanzeigen no rigid rules - Shag should be fun.
With the basic steps and figures learned in the workshop, you can immediately venture onto the social dance floor of the (swing) world.

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30 €
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