WS 11: Afro Street Style Morning class

with Qdance  

16 – 20 May 2022 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2022Dance and movement

The workshop class will be focussing on teaching the Nigerian rhythm, movements, and vibes that constantly evolve. Some basic movements that are collectively performed in Nigerian communities will be centered on. The class will teach the Nigerian traditional African dances that are today modernized to form the Nigerian street styles. The class will expose the participants to the current wave of new dance trends and routines with the Afro beat community especially in Nigeria. They will learn the culture, the stories, about the people, the vibe, and the dance movement. I will create sequences of these movements which I will use as model and offer the participants the freedom to find their own rhythm and vibe. This class is interested in spreading the Nigerian Afro culture through dance and offer history which is very diverse. It promises to be energetic, fun and high spirited!

Each workshop will be led by another member of the QDance Company.

Link to the show: Re:INCARNATION

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Price: 50 € / red. 45 €


The indicated price is only valid as a preregistration for the whole workshop. For participation without pre-registration or by the day, other prices apply, which we will communicate on request.

Admission is only possible in compliance with the applicable Covid regulations.

Before and after the workshop, the fabrik Café will offer drinks and food.