WS 05: Contemporary Partnering CANCELLED

Workshop | with Angelika Thiele  

Cancelled | 10 – 12 May 2022 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2022Dance and movement

How do we get in touch with ourselves, our counterpart and the group? After a sensitizing warm-up with influences from yoga and floorwork, we move into contemporary partner work and contact improvisation. Through improvised and set partner exercises we will explore touch, weight, decision & resonance, connection to the floor, to the partner and to our own quality of movement. Setting impulses in contact as a question-answer system and playing with different spatial aspects combine to a dialogue of fine listening and active shaping in constant change. The focus is on the playful quality, the joy of discovering being in the moment together and the physical and emotional journey in connection with ourselves and a counterpart.

Unfortunately this workshop has to be cancelled. 

Price info

Price: 60 € / erm. 50 €

Before and after the workshop, the fabrik Café will offer drinks and food.