Tango – Rhythmic turns in a tight embrace

Workshop | with Gaia Pisauro und Leandro Furlan (Berlin)  

01 May 2022Dance and movement

In this workshop we will work on turns, quick changes of direction and embellishments. How does the tight embrace affect the different turns? Gravity, rotation and rhythm are also practised. The joy of improvisation is equally important. The workshop is aimed at participants with experience. Please come with a dance partner.

Gaia Pisauro studied classical and modern dance in Rome and Paris. She discovered Tango Argentino in Paris in 1998 and has been travelling to Buenos Aires ever since. Gaia has been teaching all over Europe for almost 15 years. Leandro Furlan grew up in Buenos Aires, where he trained as a tango teacher, choreographer and in artistic gymnastics. In 2005 he travelled to Europe for the first time. Since then he has been working with Gaia.

Sun 1 May, from 17:30: OPEN AIR TANGO BALL at fabrikgarten


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Per Person: 30 € / support 40 €


Admission is only possible in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene rules.