Phil Minton's Feral Choir project / Call for singing

Jazzoffensive #7 / JazzLab | with Phil Minton (UK)  

09 – 10 Sep 2021 | Jazz festivalPerformance / Music

Phil Minton offers in his open workshop to make your own voice sound new and unusual. Phil Minton uses the term 'feral' to describe the state of a domesticated pet that is released into freedom and finds a new access to its instincts and feelings. The Feral Choir translates the state of newfound freedom into an unusual choral sound that incorporates all the kinds of sounds and noises of which the human voice is capable.

Participants can expect an exciting rehearsal time in which they can experience their voice in a new way. The workshop is for all those who want to engage in a voice experiment with one of the most renowned singers and voice acrobats. Whether enthusiastic singers or complete beginners, everyone is welcome!

The crowning finale will be the performance at the Jazzoffensive #7 on Sat 11 Sept 2021 at 19h!


Price info

Registration is not possible anymore.

The participation is free of charge and includes the rehearsals on Thu 09 Sept from 18 to 21h and Fri 10 Sept from 14 to 17h as well as the performance on Sat 11 Sept 19h as part of the Jazzoffensive #7. The rehearsals will take place at fabrik Potsdam and in a tent in the Schiffbauergasse. We kindly ask you to present a vaccination, test or convalescence certificate for each day.



Direction: Phil Minton
JazzLab and Jazzoffensive #7 are supported by the Capital City of Potsdam.