Contemporary Dance / SOMAFI movement

with Angelika Thiele (D)  

Sold out | 12 – 14 Oct 2020 | Tanzintensive 2020Dance and movement

Contemporary movement material is combined with various mindfulness practices: flowing yoga asanas, short floor sequences, mindfulness and meditation in movement, meridian stretching and partner work support the participants in their self-awareness, the connection to themselves and to the other person. SOMAFI consists of the Greek words σώμα/soma (body) and αφή/afi (touch, connection, light). Tranquillity and dynamics, fine listening to the impulses and playful experimentation interweave to form a holistic practice for body, mind and heart.

Angelika Thiele received her contemporary dance training in New York City, including at the Movement Research Center and the Limon Institute. After numerous national and international freelance productions she became a member of the Cobosmika.Company (Spain), the Staatstheatern Kassel and Oldenburg, the Theater Osnabrück and the Kollektive pvc at the Theater Freiburg. Angelika has worked with choreographers such as Marco Santi, Jan Pusch, Ana Mondini, Eun-Me Ahn (Korea), Christoph Winkler, Gavin Webber (THE FARM/ Australia), Toula Limnaios, Vera Sander, Clint Lutes and with the acting directors Tom Schneider/off deluxe, Christoph Frick and Corinna Harfouch. Angelika is also a Shiatsu practitioner and Yoga teacher. Since 2010 she also dances Argentine Tango together with her Greek partner Giorgos Protopappas. SOMAFI is their joint concept in further development.


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Price: Standard 45 € / Support 55 €
The price consists of either a standard or support price. The support price is a voluntary increased contribution to support the fabrik Potsdam programme.

For two or more workshops there is a 10% discount on the total price.