Nature meets Nature

A practice of giving and receiving | with Cinzia Schincariol (Berlin/Adelaide)  

13 Sep 2020 | Kunst und Klima 2020Dance and movement

This workshop is for those who want to discover relationships with the natural world through the body and story telling and who have a deep joy of lying in the grass. Giving and receiving, our vitality as a process of participation and becoming in and with the environment are the source to explore whether the inner world can meet the outer landscape. The perception of textures, forms and elements reveals experiences that trigger belonging and unity with each other and with the natural world. Time manifests itself in nature in various forms: Rocks, trees, grasses have different time courses for transformation, growth and life compared to us humans. Exploring them creates a new connection to the natural world.

The workshop is taught in english.


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Price: 30 €