Qi gong – Wudang Qi Gong in 18 pictures

with Kathrin Altmann  

29 Feb 2020Bodyword and fitness

Qi Gong belongs next to acupuncture, acupressure and herbal medicine to the healing methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From the point of view of TCM, Qi is the essence of life. Every day some of it is consumed. Stress, to much work and little sleep use the reserves.

 The Wudang Qi Gong in 18 pictures was brought to the West by Master Su two decades ago. The exercise series is very popular and is practiced by many with great success for their own health. The movements strengthen the entire body structure, improve and deepen breathing, stimulate the blood circulation of the organs and limbs, strengthen the immune system and calm the mind.

 The different exercises are relatively simple (therefore also very suitable for beginners), varied and fluent. Step by step they are worked out and put together to a harmonious sequence, which can also be practiced at home in a small space.

In addition to the energetic body exercises, the theory of Qi Gong as a centuries-old system of health care is also discussed.


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