integrated learning to move - part 3

Workshop series "Alexander Technique in motion" | with Maike Koch  

16 Mar 2024Dance and movement

What causes you to lose stability and flexibility, and how can you regain these qualities? What are habitual patterns when moving, when evaluating yourself and others? Do you sometimes stand in the way of your own mobility and spontaneity?

In this series of workshops, you will discover freedom and energy within your own movement on various levels.

Open the upper back

This workshop focuses on the mobility and stability of the shoulders and arms: How to use your arms and shoulders in movement - working out new ways to awaken the mobility of your shoulders, open up your upper back and shoulders and integrate your arms and back in movement.

Further dates:

On 27.04.2024
Open your lower back - core power! You are welcome to book all workshops together or attend individual dates.

About the method:
The Alexander Technique is suitable for all people who want to get to know their body better and are open to an origin-oriented approach. It is body-oriented awareness work and combines influences from embodiment and recent cognitive sciences, biomechanics and neurology, psychology and mindfulness. It develops an awareness of what you are actually doing during the simplest of actions. It is possible to move effortlessly and without pain if you learn to understand and use the body's biomechanics. Superfluous tension can be released as the body is given the space to move as it is built to do.

Maike Koch:
"During my dance training and also when playing the cello, the Alexander Technique was like a compass for me to transform tension into flexibility. For me, it is an inexhaustible tool with which I can recognize when I am physically and/or mentally tight - and how I can find my way out again. After my dance training, I completed my training as an Alexander Technique teacher with Dan Armon in 2008, and in 2022 I completed the Advanced Teacher Training with Penelope Easten. I have been working in private practice since 2008 and have been running Studio Simio in Berlin for 11 years. I am currently taking part in Karuna Training, further training in contemplative psychology.
I love movement in all its variations and it is a pleasure for me to accompany people in their process towards physical and mental flexibility, presence and creativity."




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