Dance performances with Audio description

For audience members with visual disability

In collaboration with Gravity Access Services Berlin, the fabrik Potsdam offers audio descriptions and tactile tours - so-called Haptic Access Tours - for selected dance performances.

Current performances with audio description:
explore dance: Ears to see (8+) by Lea Moro on Sat 14 Oct 2023.
If The Bull Won't Come by Adi Weinberg on Sat 21 Oct 2023

Audio description provides access to the visual elements - plot, costumes, settings, gestures, facial expressions, objects and other visual communication elements - of a dance performance and performance. Audio description is a live audio track spoken by a professional audio describer via a wireless headset system for audience members with visual impairments. Gravity's team of audio descriptors consists of professional dancers and actors trained by Jess Curtis to clearly and engagingly describe the significant visual details of a performance that would be inaccessible to audiences with visual impairments.

The Audio description is in German.

Haptic Access Tours (20-30 minutes) are live pre-performance tours that allow patrons to experience the space, performers, costumes and objects, and key movement elements of a performance through touch and their own movement.

Participation: if you are interested, please pre-register by email at tickets@fabrikpotsdam.de or by phone 0331 24 09 23 and report to the box office one hour before the performance. Participation in the audio description and Haptic Access Tours is free of charge, but requires the purchase of tickets for the respective performances.


Gravity Access Services Berlin: audio description and access management is supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. Support programme Dance
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