Open Studio: | Pi | solo piece - Hybrid introspection

Work in Progress | Laura Gary (Oberhavel)  

20 Dec 2022 | Artists in residenceDance / performance

In Residenz vom 13. bis 23. Dez 2022

The word "Pi" is associated to “Première pierre”, used in French in an expression that might dates back to the dawn of time. It apparently alluded to the Gospel and the “first stone” thrown on the adulterous woman, we can also read that it is the cornerstone, the first to be laid in the construction of a building. This is the most important, the one that must support everything. In this work, "Pialso refers to the word "pixel", a dot amongst humanity, the first liberation of a body that needs to express its unconscious through movement, as part of a much vaster environment. The frame of this hybrid artistic work is divided within three components:
- BODY: Somatic, Psycho-traumatic & Spiritual introspection - a core research
- SPEECH: Voice, Tricot & Golden Light - a visual & sound scenography
- MIND: On Stage & On Video - a solo performance
Laura Gary will synthesise, during this ten december-days residence, a solo piece format as results of four years of research and total life transition.

Of French origin, Laura Gary has been practicing dance and improvisation from an early age. It all started with modern-jazz, modern and contemporary dance. She scoured ballet studios for a short while and have been influenced by urban and club dances while she was a student. From 2018 until 2020, Laura had the chance to be supported in order to create her artistic universe and dance training, she travelled over the world (Canada, Belgium, Israël, Norway...) and built a self-made study program in order to become choreographer, performer, dance and movement teacher. In 2019, she started to bring Body-Mind Centering© into her researches and to attend the Somatic Movement Education (SME) program and the Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME). These introspections brought her to leave France and to move to Germany. Practicing meditation and living now in the countryside in Brandenburg, Laura intent to teach and offer to children as well as adults the possibilities to express themselves through movement and make grow the poetry from their own personality. She also produced a video documentary for the American choreographer Gwen Welliver called "Pandemic Dance Making" and has been recently working for fabrik Potsdam, giving reviews regarding dance shows.

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Musical arrangement and music composition: Jan Wanzelius
External viewpoints and encouragements: Lukas Geschwind, Cinzia Schincariol and Astrid Rostaing
| Pi | solo piece - hydrid introspection has already given birth to two video productions: WINTER and SPRING. The piece is part of a vaster project called Piel Ensemble. Piel Ensemble was initially a dance company based in France, created in 2019, dissolved in 2021. The members of this previous company, and implicitly contributors to the project are: Agnès Benoit, Jason Charpinet, Eldar Baruch, Claudia Hägeli, Rodolphe Jouxtel, Jean-Philippe Riviere, Lola Atger, Sophie Garnier et Camilla Connarow.
| Pi | solo piece - hydrid introspection has been prepared since 2019 in the following studios:
- Le Cinq, Centquatre, Paris, France
- Prenzlauer Promenade with Tanzbüro, Berlin, Germany
- Sommerswalde, Oberkrämer, Germany
- fabrik Potsdam, Germany

The Artists in Residence programme of the fabrik Potsdam is supported by the City of Potsdam and with funds from the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.