German Pop Rock  

02 Jul 2022 | Sound(g)arten 2022Open air concert

KROGMANN. has been on the move since 2010 and inspires with its musical diversity. What began as a purely electronic project has evolved over the years into a 6-piece band. Three studio albums have been released and several hundred concerts played. To describe them is no easy undertaking. In any case, the unmistakable voice of frontman Stefan forms a common thread. His predominantly German lyrics paired with the unique arrangements of the songs take you on your own journey. So does the music itself. Their song "Namibia" flew to the country of the same name and became famous there. This was the prelude to a documentary film with KROGMANN. In "Namibia Calling", American filmmaker Matt Sweetwood ('Forgetting Dad', 'Beerland') accompanies part of the band on their journey to Namibia. It's about the power of music, how it brings people together, and what happens when you follow your dreams.


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The Sound(g)arten series is an event of the fabrik Potsdam with the support of the state capital Potsdam.