Painting in 3D

Painting in 3D  

13 May 2022 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2022Concert

Painting in 3D is a music project in the form of an experimental 3D experience. Five worlds of sound correspond to five digital spaces that can be experienced interactively. As a hybrid between a live musical concert, vinyl album and digital experience, it is also an attempt to break with conventions of presenting music albums through a new format. Theresa Stroetges (Golden Diskó Ship, Soft Grid, Hotel Kali), Christian Hohenbild (Soft Grid, personen (4)) and Sophia Trollmann mix elements of different musical genres such as noise, jazz, kraut, experimental, and electronic pop in an innovative way. Their debut album Painting Is Dead on the Antime label comprises five pieces that open a door to digital spaces that the audience can explore over the length of the songs.


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