JazzLab – Bob Rutman Tribute

2G | Alex Dr. Dorsch, Munsha, Yuko Matsuyama...  

20 Nov 2021 | JazzLabConcert

The evening is dedicated to the late internationally renowned musician, graphic artist, inventor and all-round artist Bob Rutman. He is considered a pioneer of multimedia performance and collaborated with many other famous artists during his lifetime, such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Robert Wilson, Heiner Goebbels, Merce Cunningham, Wim Wenders and others.
Bob Rutman was associated with the fabrik Potsdam for a long time and performed with his steel cello and the infamous Heater at the opening of the house. We bow to the legend and celebrate a fitting farewell with many of his companions in the great hall.
From October, a selection of Bob Rutman's graphic works will be presented in the Cafe at the fabrik.


Munsha - Cello, Electronics
Alex DocDorsch - Steel Cello
Yuko Matsuyama - Singing, Electronics, Dance
Daniel Ferrero - Voice, Texts
Marialuisa Borometti - Voice, Texts
Apregarde Dub Orchestra
(Alex DocDorsch - Steel Cello, Bernd Jestram - Bass  & Synthesizer, Rex Joswig - Loops & Echoes, Pegman - Space Guitar, Man Shadow - Electronic Playground)
Nicolas Schulze - Piano

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Admission free of charge.

Admission is only possible in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene rules. The event will take place under the application of the 2G regulations: Admission only with presentation of a valid vaccination or convalescence certificate (exception: children up to 12 years). Tests are not accepted (exception: young people up to 18 years). Please also note the obligation for contact tracing.



With friendly support by the state capitale city of Potsdam.