Acoustic Guitar Trash Balladen  

01 Oct 2021 | Sound(g)arten 2021Concert

In the beginning there were only two boys who barked out homemade funny songs to the strumming chords of a guitar. But the holy evolution and a not small portion of "attention deficit syndrome" chased the duo from the name-giving "hare-ridden" meadow out into more urban areas! They bravely pulled the mutts out of the cord and spiced up their forest and meadow songs with percussion, electric bass, accordion and polyphonic singing!

For more than eleven years now, Hasenscheisse have been spreading their idiosyncratic mixture of delicately plucked delicacies for the ear and wildly danceable, wonderfully trivial bawling for the legs! Humorous German lyrics, mostly performed with a large portion of Berlin dialect, weave their way - sometimes bossa, sometimes waltz, sometimes rockabilly - through lots of entertaining songs.

Admission from 18:00


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Admission free of charge.

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