Näselnde Stimmen Jammern

jukebox-like musical project  

16 Jul 2021 | Sound(g)arten 2021Open air concert

Näselnde Stimmen Jammern is a jukebox-like musical project penned by the writing collective Peterbarbara. It tells of the "shittiness" of things and the cleansing power of grumbling, crying and complaining out loud - with or without background music.

"Berlin is grey in winter and winter is the longest season - the winter blues are followed by spring fatigue, the summer slump and autumn depression, plus I haven't paid my rent yet. Am I just tired or am I already chronically melancholic? And why do I live voluntarily between concrete walls?

A plea for burying oneself in melancholy, wallowing in sadness, snuggling up in despair or even staring dully ahead!"

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Admission free of charge.

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Dranske (Wolfgang Hinze, Henning Günther, Conrad Katzer), J. S. Krach (Robin Wittkowski, David Reschke, Conrad Katzer), Tata2000 (Fee Aviv Marschall, Luis Krummenacher, Konstantin Münzel).
Text und Regie: peterbarbara (Magdalena Weber und Emma Charlott Ulrich)