Daina Ashbee (Montréal)  

13 – 15 Aug 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020Dance / performance

A major figure in canadian contemporary dance, Daina Ashbee is known for her radical works at the edge of dance and performance. This performance installation is a condensation of the dark, feminine essence of her previous three works. The juxtaposition of a disturbing and haunting composition for electric organ and the slow, sensual movement of dancer Areli Moran gradually escalates into a concentrated violence. Fascinated by the process of repetition, Ashbee immerses the spectator in an experience of time and its transformation. In 2019, she won a New York Bessie award for “Outstanding Breakout Choreographer.”


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Artistic Direction, Choreography: Daina Ashbee / Interpreted by: Areli Moran / Original Sound Scape Design : Jean-Francois Blouin / Production: Daina Ashbee / Thanks to Waschhaus / Duration: 80 minutes