A short choreographic mausoleum, intense and poignant.

Tu Meur(s) de Terre

Hamdi Dridi (Montpellier)  

14 – 15 Aug 2020 | Potsdamer Tanztage 2020Dance / performance

In this piece, Hamri Dridi, a young Tunisian choreographer, dances the memory of his missing father - expressing the trace of a man in a poignant solo, whose inner light dispels the darkness. A short choreographic mausoleum, intense and poignant. In his gestures, which trace in space, he narrates and searches deep within himself for the fatherly presence, an essential part of his own identity. Yes, he is in fact the son of this house painter who was suddenly taken by a tumour. Now he collects images, memories of familiar gestures, of the exhaustion of movement, even of elegance. 

"Every father is a work of art whose value is irreplaceable".


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Idea, choreography, stage, music, dance: Hamdi Dridi / Light landscape: William Petit / Production: Chantiers Publics, with friendly support of Angers CNDC / Thanks to: Hafiz Dhaou/Chatha Company, William Petit/Fabrik Nomade Company, Gianni Joseph, Seifeddine Manai/Brotha di Another Motha Company, Emmanuel Serafini, Emmio Greco / With friendly support of Institut français the French Ministery for Culture / DGCA / Thanks to T-Werk / Duration: approx. 40 minutes