Deliria / Technical Difficulties

Interlaced lyrics in fine melodic sequences  

17 Jul 2020 | Sound(g)arten 2020Open air concert

Deliria alias Menschenpest is a formation of very different characters. It builds music between disorientation and ecstasy. Interlaced lyrics in fine melodic sequences, human, prog rock, shards? The emotions and motor skills are determined at the end of the whiskey... Whoever listens after that storms the stage! 

Technical Difficulties is a combo born in a workshop with a penchant for the music of crashing. The result is a brute fuzz loaded sound, which however likes to drift off into the filigree. 


Price info

Free admission. Limited places. Admission 60 minutes before start.



David Reschke: Git & Voc
Malwine Kurella: Bs
Conrad Katzer: Git & Vo
Jonas Ehrler: Dr
Tim Gebhardt: Sax
Patte&Caro: Voc and Mouthdrum

Technical Difficulties
Robin Wittkowski
Andrew Connolly-Gilchrist