Russian Speedfolk, Balkanbeats, Gypsysongs  

03 Jul 2020 | Sound(g)arten 2020Open air concert

Zhetva got together in the autumn of 2005 and since 2006 have been regularly playing in various clubs and pubs, at street festivals and parties. The band plays Russian speedfolk, Balkan beats, gypsy songs and songs from the Czech homeland of the singer Hanka. The musicians have fun rearranging traditional songs and interpreting them with a fresh sound. The result is a wild mixture of polka, ska, punk, folk and classical music. Over polka and reggae rhythms of guitar, bass and drums, sometimes soulfully tender, sometimes powerful melody lines of vocals, violin and clarinet are laid over. Rock sound and folkloristic tradition are combined to a special listening experience. Zhetvak concerts invite to listen as well as to dance. Occasionally Zhetva also perform purely acoustically, which colours the sound more towards traditional folk bands.


Price info

Free admission. Limited number of places. Entrance 60 minutes before begin.



Hanka Dietrich: Singing
Susanne Pudig: clarinet, violin, vocals
Stephan Langer: Guitar
Till Repp: bass, vocals
Alexander Doll: Percussion