Finest Electro Rock’n’Roll  

24 Jul 2020 | Sound(g)arten 2020Open air concert

Two unicorns, a drum kit, a buttload of cables, blinking lights, headbands and anthems for the youth.
Im Modus are taking Hermione and Harry to Hogwarts, snub Scarlett Johansson, and get into fisticuffs with Streetfighter II. They serve finest Electro Rock’n’Roll to dance, sing along and lose your marbles to – perfect for throwing confetti, popping balloons or asking yourself what the point of all this is. Song titles like „Scarlett geht krachen“, „Geiler Boy Alarm“ or „Jacke mit Schrift“ are perfect T-Shirt slogans if you like walking around with obscure German words on you (and who doesn’t?). Young and old are united in the mosh pit in unconditional love. The songs are long and multifaceted enough so that anyone can come up with their own unique style of dance. Artful arrangements and cheap sound effects coalesce lonely hearts on the dance floor into one big life affirming sweaty mob. And on truly special nights the lime light will shine bright on a seductively sprawling Pikachu singing „Where is my mind“.




Price info

Free admission. The audience is limited. Entrance 60 minutes before begin.