Wer sich nicht bewegt...

Dance Film | Jalal Mando (Potsdam)  

15 – 19 Jan 2020 | Made in Potsdam 2020Film

Many, many people everywhere. One hardly believes it, but encounter becomes less. The spirit of the times is changing. Fleeting, arbitrary and individual. Common things strive for uniqueness and yet we hardly meet. We repulse each other much more and are lonely together. If the others are above, I must be below. Alone on the search makes uniqueness... Loneliness. There it is, it is beautiful, sad, unpleasant. A vortex from which something is needed to come out. Sun, strength, resistance...

The dance film Wer sich nicht bewegt... (Who Doesn't Move?) was produced as part of the study of movement pedagogy and dance in social work at the Clara Hoffbauer University of Applied Sciences Potsdam with the group Pozztanz and under the direction of Jalal Mando.


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Free admission.



With: Clara Bauhof, Carla Damberg, Jaqueline Derenkó, Anna-Katharina Gonska, Anna-Katharina Krieger, Jana Kroll, Johanna Marin
Direction, camera and cut: Jalal Mando
Duration: 28 minutes