JazzLab - ZPOP // E&A

Nicolas Schulze & Gäste  

22 Nov 2019 | JazzLabConcert

The JazzLab stage will be played in November by musicians from the Centre for Popular Music in Potsdam - "ZPOP" for short. As a neighbour of Potsdam's Lindenpark, ZPOP has been offering a wide range of popular music, music production, workshops, etc. since october 2018. The team of JazzLab sizes the opportunity, cables JazzLab and ZPOP and explores the interface between synthetic and acoustic sound production. After the concert, as always, ears open, stage clear! Free entry!

fabrik Potsdam and the Potsdam musician Nicolas Schulze present the series JazzLab. JazzLab is both a sound laboratory and a listening workshop. Unknown sounds and unheard arrangements are unleashed on the audience. The JazzLab band is the first step into the evening. It plays an opening set with the original line-up or together with a guest musician. Afterward, other musicians are invited to meet on stage and exchange ideas in a session.


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Free admission.