Iron Woman

Rebecca Maria Salentin (Leipzig)  

22 Feb 2024 | Wort(g)arten 2024Reading

Although her expertise ends with unscrewing a valve flap, Rebecca takes on one of the greatest challenges of the European cycle path network: she wants to conquer the almost 10,000 kilometre-long Iron Curtain Trail, which leads from the Bulgarian-Turkish border right across Europe to the far north, always along the former Iron Curtain. Along the way, she is not only able to talk to a wide variety of people whose lives have been shaped by the dividing line and its disappearance, she also revisits her own family history. A cycle tour full of funny and touching anecdotes.

Rebecca Maria Salentin is the initiator and presenter of the literary show Die schlecht gemalte Deutschlandfahne. In 2019, after losing her job, husband and flat, she travelled the path of friendship and wrote the bestseller Klub Drushba about it. This was followed by many readings and lectures, for which she was awarded first place at the elmundo Festival 2021, among others.


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