Kammerspiele – Neue Musik und Objekt

60 Hz feat. David Moss  

02 Mar 2024 | Made in Potsdam 2023Exhibition

The museum FLUXUS+ presents artistic positions whose origins lie in the New Music of the 1950s and 1960s. The strategy of cross-genre compositions integrates theatre, performance and acoustic elements and cultivates an intensive relationship to the object as a score, instrument, storage medium and form of documentation. In addition, over one hundred pieces of new and contemporary music will be made accessible at listening stations.

With works by: Arman, Mary Bauermeister, Philipp Corner, Joe Jones, Milan Knižak, Alison Knowles, Die Maulwerker, Nam June Paik, Benjamin Patterson, Gerhard Rühm, Takako Saito, Wolf Vostell, and others.


ALEX NOWITZ: In the Thicket of the Invisible Wires
Sat 27 Jan | 19:00

The Strophonion, controlled by hand and arms, mixes the immediate reflection of the sound material just produced through the use of various live sampling methods. Composer and performance artist Alex Nowitz thus creates a 'vocal sound dance' with In the Thicket of the Invisible Wires.

Fri 02 Mar | 18:00

60Hz is an audiovisual performance duo by Berlin-based artists Boris Hegenbart and Jan Thoben. Analogue video synthesis is combined with the aesthetics of musique concrète and digital sound production technologies. For a joint performance, 60Hz will be joined on this evening by renowned vocalist and experimental performer David Moss.


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Exhibition: Admission free of charge
Sat 25 Nov 2023 - Sun 17 Mar 2024 | Wed - Sun, 13:00 - 18:00

Music performances:
Alex Nowitz: Advance booking 8 €, red. 5 € (Buy Tickets)
60 Hz feat. David Moss: Advance booking 10 €, red. 6 € (Buy Tickets)

Festival pass Made in Potsdam: 30 € / red. 15 € (Buy Festival pass)