Mackermassaker / BETON BRUT

Punk, pop  

26 Jan 2024 | Made in Potsdam 2023Concert

Mackermassaker is feminist punk from Potsdam, self-empowerment and DIY. Lyrics that speak plain language. Songs that seek words for things that are often not said. The sound is characterised by drums, guitar and double vocals - a garagey sound for going off together and feeling the power.

BETON BRUT play melancholic pop that also sheds light on the darker side of life. After several years as a duo, Sebastian Mahling and Ralf Noack have finally found the perfect colleagues and a label. Wolfgang Adams and Stephan Zehle are now on guitar and synthesiser. The busy Martin Mann (Jolle, Future Prawn and others) is on drums. The first album was released on vinyl by Radiogram Records in September 2023.


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