Breathing is not just breathing...

The Breathshow

Maren Strack (Birkenwerder)  

07 – 09 Dec 2023Dance / performance

"Breathing is not just breathing…" says the artist Maren Strack, and presents a performance of electronically amplified breathing sound waves in different variations and modulations. A bandoneon costume winds around her body as an inner breathing column, extending the air sounds into the tonal range, move by move. The choreography increases to a fast beat for a danced staccato solo. It ends abruptly, frozen in a shock-frozen gesture; until new waves of breath bring everything back into motion. The Breathshow – these are astonishing images, breath aesthetics. And an intimate invitation, because breathing reflects the self.

After the performance on Fri Dec 8: talk with the artists

In front of fabrik: (K)ein Weihnachtsmarkt
Thu 07 – Sat 09 + Thu 14 – Sat 16 Dec / 17:00 to 24:00
Open air and for free

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Price info Ticket

Price group D
Advance booking : 16 € / red. 8 €
Evening box office: 17 € / red. 8 €



Artistic direction: Johan Lorbeer
Sound direction, composition: Kerstin Lücker
Stage design: Peter Friedrich
Video: Osman Ozel, Hiroko Tanahashi, Maren Strack
Custom software development: Hiroshi Matoba
Lighting concept: Fabian Bleisch
Photography: Uwe Arens
Assistance: Ylva Larsson
Costume assistance: Molly Raack
Video technology trainee: Isajah Friedrich
Many thanks to: Bandonion & Concertinafabrik Klingenthal, Akkordeonwerkstatt Andreas Sommer, Akkordeon-Fachwerkstatt Alexander Skripnik, Die Akkordeonwerkstatt / Andreas Schertel. Special thanks for glissandi and harmonics to Wolfgang Bender (violin) and Tomáš Jamník (cello)
Supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg.
Duration: 50 minutes