Future Prawn / NiMH

Fuzz, garage, pop, drums, keyboard  

08 Sep 2023 | Sound(g)arten 2023Open air concert

Psychedelic nerds don't often stroll down the street together – and certainly not to the same bar. Be it boredom, heartbreak, an empty fridge or just the great weather – something drove them outside today to play blue on A Day At Promenade. The first solo album by Potsdam multi-instrumentalist and crustacean utopian Martin Mann (long active with the prog band Eat Ghosts), is like best people watching from the corner café: A panorama of characters made sound, sometimes spleeing, sometimes casual, sometimes glamorous, as if the Lemon Twigs and Ty Segall were ordering a crab cocktail together. As Future Prawn, Martin Mann has gathered some of his favourite musicians around him, spent a long time tweaking the songs and bundled his musical experiences into an album that flickers, grooves and surprises at every turn. A Day At Promenade is buzzing with eardrum-ripping ideas.


NiMH is a loose, grassroots association of various very busy people from Potsdam and the surrounding area who have been making music together since 2019. The musical and organizational engine of the project is the rhythm section consisting of drums and organ, which are repeatedly inspired and musically driven forward by various changing guest musicians. NiMH has continuously evolved throughout its existence and is now at home in all genres on this side (and the other) of the Mississippi. Always on the (doomed) search for previously unheard sound constructs, they are also afraid of using the most modern technical aids such as Grooveman, autotune and 6/8 time.



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The Sound(g)arten series is an event of the fabrik Potsdam with the support of the state capital Potsdam.