Get to know oneself and the body in a playful way...


with Sabine Sawatzki  

THU 11:15 - 12:30 | Bodyword and fitness

If we observe a child who is learning to walk, it is amazing how original and imaginative the little man moves with the help of all his possibilities. In the course of life, we are losing more and more of our innate mobility through over-sitting, walking, stress and stress.
Those who practice the Feldenkrais method get to know themselves and their bodies in a playful way. The movement lessons encourage people to try out and differentiate between different possibilities in early childhood, which is more pleasant and smoother. These are movements that can be individually integrated into everyday life – sitting down, standing, walking, dancing – and lead to even perceived movement habits are perceived and redressed. The long-term benefit of such comforting simplification is enhanced self-awareness, better coordination and balance, greater flexibility and thus less susceptibility to back problems, and the ability to deal with existing ailments.


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