Improve your fitness, your body posture and your well being.

Pilates basic

with Galina Rohleder  

MON 09:30 - 10:30 | Bodyword and fitness

The class is cancelled until April 19th 2020.

Pilates is a health-oriented, holistic and extremely efficient body training developed by the German Joseph Pilates (1883 - 1967). Based on the deep muscles of the abdominal area, the Powerhouse named by Pilates, all the muscles of the body are kept supple in harmoniously coordinated exercises, which result in a physical and mental well-being. A special concern of this course is to train the perception of one's own posture and preventively prevent back problems as well as neck tension and pain in the lower back. The flow of movement during the exercises ensures good blood circulation. With the careful selection of exercises as well as a few, precisely executed repetitions, you get the desired training effects. The results are a well-formed body, a healthy posture and a good attitude to life.



Price info

Fee: 40 € per month, red. 35 € / 10 classes ticket: 134 €, red. 119 € / trial: 5 €
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